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Up and Away!

So I went and did it – I purchased a Drone, a Mavic Pro to be exact. I received it yesterday and flew a few hours until dark. I’m so excited. It is super easy to fly, and I’m looking forward to getting it into a wide-open space to really make it shine. I’m hoping […]

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No turning back now

Alright, that might be a little over-dramatic, but I finally did it. I broke the news to my office: I’ve told them my days here are numbered. Because they feel like family to me, there were a few tears but overall it went well. We’ll be working on a plan to hire an IT guy […]

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The sun rises today

Today, while America celebrates the military members who’ve died to protect the Nation, I took the first outward step towards our new birth of Freedom. My wife, Sara, and decided a few weeks ago that we’re tired of corporate life. We’re tired of going to work to pay for stuff that we hardly use anyway: […]

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