Who are we?

Who are you, people?

Hi. We’re Matt & Sara. This is a picture from our first real date – circa 2005. Since then we’ve graduated college, moved a few times, and had a few jobs, but one thing remains true – we love to travel. We’ve had dreams of becoming wandering nomads since very early in our relationship – and we’re finally working to make it a reality. We’re in the process of wrapping up our concrete obligations, selling all the things, and fortifying our entrepreneurial skills before we set out on our great adventure across the country. Stay tuned! As soon as a few more things fall into place, we’ll begin documenting the journey from stuff to adventure!





Matthew Glennon

Hey. I’m Matt! I’ve been the chief IT Ninja for a private corporation in Richmond, Virginia for over a decade! However, my passions lie in youth STEM education and the mysterious art of Photography! I started this adult adventure in the Army Reserve where I spent 10 years alternating between civilian life at the aforementioned private corporation and working on communications devices in a sweltering middle-eastern country. After 10 years, I said enough was enough and settled into civilian-only life with my wife. I’ve been involved with FIRST (or the local arm FIRST Chesapeake) since I was a student team member from 2000 – 2003 and a volunteer or staffer for the organization ever since. I am passionate about educating our youth; particularly when it comes to STEM.
If you’re looking for a fervent and technical STEM coordinator, please reach out!

When I’m not busy with FIRST, I’m off with my wife capturing the beauty of the natural world. Recently I’ve started more formal training to improve my photography skills.

Here we are – the middle of 2017 – and a new chapter begins.


Sara Glennon

Meet my Wife Sara! She’s the super creative one of the pair: graphic artist, children’s book illustrator, witty humor purveyor.