Up and Away!

So I went and did it – I purchased a Drone, a Mavic Pro to be exact. I received it yesterday and flew a few hours until dark. I’m so excited. It is super easy to fly, and I’m looking forward to getting it into a wide-open space to really make it shine. I’m hoping this unit will expand my photography toolbox after I take the Remote Pilot’s Exam later this year.

While I haven’t had it very long, here are a few things I’ve noticed so far:

  • Buy more than one battery – maybe three or four total. A single battery lasts about a half hour (depending on flight) and a few hours to completely charge. Having three batteries seems like it would allow for near-constant flight. I bought one additional battery (currently on my front porch waiting for me) but I’ll likely buy a third before long.
  • Understand how Auto Return To Home works. While I was learning about the unit online prior to purchase, I found a number of people that didn’t seem to understand exactly what happens when you tell the unit to Return To Home. The unit will ascend / descend to the Home Height before navigating back, so if you’re really low for some reason, don’t use the return to home feature until you’ve got some unrestricted air above you (or lower the return to home height in settings.) I haven’t really used this feature too much because I’d rather just land it manually, but I can see where this would be useful if the unit is out of sight or a long way off from your location.
  • Use VR. I’m currently testing Litchi, an Android App that replaces the DJI GO App. Oh man – it’s amazing to use. It gives you a first-person view of the drone from its perspective and makes it super easy to fly.


I’m planning on flying again this afternoon (after I run to the store for a cheap VR headset (I’m using Google Cardboard, which is great but lacks a head strap.) I didn’t save any of the video from yesterday, but perhaps I’ll take some worthwhile video today. Wish me luck!



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