The sun rises today

Today, while America celebrates the military members who’ve died to protect the Nation, I took the first outward step towards our new birth of Freedom. My wife, Sara, and decided a few weeks ago that we’re tired of corporate life. We’re tired of going to work to pay for stuff that we hardly use anyway: so we’re selling all of it, buying a motorhome and setting out to see the country. We’ve spent all of our free time over the past two weeks making a plan (which I’ll outline in a future post) and it’ll likely take me another few

weeks before I’ll be able to tell the world-at-large (for the moment, this post will be private until I’m ready.) Today! Today, I sold the old pop-up camper for the no-haggle price of $500. With that camper out of the way, as soon as we spot the right rig we can pull it right next to the house. And the train rolls on…

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